• They're here! Very excited to release the first two singles for our upcoming album. Download them for free here:

    Enjoy & Share!

  • Very pleased to announce that we will be releasing the first two singles for our upcoming album at this years NW Folklife Festival. We play on May 27th at 8:35pm at the Mural Stage, and if you come see us after the show we'll be more than happy to hand you a download card for FREE! We're excited about these tunes and want you all to get a chance to listen to them. If you like what you hear, then stay tuned for our album release which is slated for late summer/early fall.

    Can't make it to our set at NWFL? We'll be posting a link to download the singles on this page as well, so just check back here anytime on/after May 27th!

  • Hey y'all-

    Happy to announce that CSM is currently in the midst of recording our first EP! Keep your eyes (and ears) out for our first singles releasing later this spring, and the full EP early this summer. What formats should we release in? Send us a message (thru contact section) and let us know!


    In the meantime- check out our video section for a sneak peek into our recording process... more to come!

  • Salutations Y'all-

    We hope everybody had a ball ringin' in 2016! Big things are gonna be happenin' this year...

    ~ Peace & Love, CSM ~



  • Oct 08 Sat

    07:00 PM

    Fairhaven Library, Bellingham

    1117 12th St, Bellingham WA 98225

  • Nov 23 Wed

    07:00 PM

    Lake City CC

    12531 28th Ave NE Seattle, WA

  • May 29 Mon

    12:00 AM

    NW Folklife Festival

  • Jun 08 Thu

    12:00 AM

    Lake City CC

  • Jul 24 Mon

    09:00 PM

    Nectar Lounge

    Single Release "Tailored Suit" @ Nectar Lounge, music starts 9pm sharp!

  • Sep 08 Fri

    07:30 PM

    Phinney Ridge CC

  • Sep 09 Sat

    12:00 AM


  • Jun 27 Wed

    08:00 PM

    Royal Room

    Debut EP Release


CSM plays original garage jazz in & around Seattle, Cascadia.

Brittain Barber (sax), Minami Fukuda (vocals), Jon Goneau (piano, organ), Tyler Hamilton (guitar), Dylan Hughes (bass), Brandon Hunter (trombone), Kyle Kirkpatrick (drums)


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